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⚡️Sunny Andrews (@drsunnyandrews) – topnoblog.xyz

Added by @drsunnyandrews topnoblog.xyz post Photo I don’t even remember taking last night I was so exhausted after getting home from work. But never too tired to try on a new bikini ??. My message to everyone today is abs aren’t going to make you confident. What makes you confident is following through with a plan. I’ve been training abs WAY more the last 3 weeks and noticed the difference tonight for the first time. Just like someone who spends time working on a painting and seeing the final result, it’s cool to see results from your hard work. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t focus on how I looked throughout my transformation and that was for a few reasons. I didn’t start lifting weights to look different, I started lifting weights to protect myself and become stronger. I didn’t have social media, I didn’t know anything about body building competitions and definitely didn’t consider myself a ‘fitness model’ because I would just spend an hour trying to get a lift in between classes or after rotations /work. Don’t let anyone question why you exercise, that’s insane. You are not in the wrong if you take care of yourself and lift weights. Do what makes you happy and healthy and that will make you the most confident version of yourself.

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